Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Nature Center

From Amy:

We went to the nature center, and I discovered that a baby black bear weighs 8 ounces when it is born! They are really big when they are grown up. I think that they are 18 feet (At least I think)

Amy holds a "bean bag" salmon to get a feel for how much a full grown male weighs.

Learning about bats.

Amy sketches a Brook Trout in her nature journal. He stopped and posed for her.

Mr. Squirrel- Our tour guide

Amy working hard at home earlier in the day.

From Karissa:

Today I got a new magazine about Black Widows. They are spiders. This was one of my favorite things today.

Grandpa, How would you like to get THIS elk?

Hootin' it up

"Grandpa, can you see the difference?"

From Mommy:

This was an incredible day! We worked hard studying in the morning and then went on an adventure for the afternoon. We are all going to crash early tonight. We're worn out, but happy!

I love being with my girl and learning new things with them. This has been a special, memorable three days.

Our K-12 Curriculum is supposed to get here on Friday so we can dig in next week.


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  1. What lucky girls (and Momma). How exciting it is to learn new things every day. I love reading your blogs. Love, Grandma