Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread Houses All Done and More

From Amy:

I learned a poem. This is the poem:

North, South, East, and West
Home's the place I like best.

This poem helps you know North, South, East, and West. I know the oceans on a map: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic.

I went skating at Ice World today. There was a contest for the best Gingerbread House. Mine was a Hansel and Gretel House!!! And I got a candy cane even though I didn't win.

For Independent Reading, I'm reading Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy. It's one of the Rainbow Magic books. My friend is reading one of the flower fairy books.

From Karissa:

Hi Guys, Today I learned about right angles from my daddy.

Early Morning talk with Daddy about the angles they used in the construction of their Gingerbread Houses:

I learned about the equator. And I learned a poem:

North, South, East, and West
Home's the place I like best.

(Note from Mommy: You can see that this poem made a big impression today) : )

I did a very cool Gingerbread House, only it didn't win a prize. I got a candy cane prize, though. But everyone who didn't win a "real" prize got one.

I had fun making my doghouse Gingerbread House. It was the best ever. (Only it didn't win a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!) But there's always next year! : )

Fables are something Aesop created to tell people what do because people don't like to be told what to do. So he wrote stories instead. I read The Dog and His Shadow and The Goose and the Golden Eggs.


  1. LOVE the Gingerbread houses! Great job girls!


  2. I always learned the poem for North East South West as "Never Eat Soggy Worms". I love your gingerbread houses! I think the "real" prize is the fun you had making them and how proud you are of them, that is what really matters! Way to go girls!! Love Auntie Mia

  3. PS. We should be pen pals, I have been in need of a pen pal lately!!

  4. I'm so glad I got to see your gingerbread houses. If I had been the judge you would have tied for 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, if I was the judge I wouldn't be able to keep from EATING THEM ALL UP! That is probably why they didn't let me be a judge, boo hoo. It made my day to come home at 10:00 and still get to see what my kids learned today. I love you, Grandma

  5. they are beautiful girls. congrats on getting the candy canes.


  6. What creative gingerbread houses! Nice job!