Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

From Karissa:

Today was the best, best, best, best, best day! Because we made Gingerbread Houses. I'm going to enter mine in the Winter Wonderland of Gingerbread competition for our online school. I am going to enter the Peppermint category.

From Amy:

And real chefs put flour on their noses. And I added a little more touch! (translation: she smeared flour all over her cheeks)

I love, love, love, love, love, love to cook!!!!!!

The right way to measure flour is to get a spoon, then you get a knife, and then you scrape top with the side of the knife. And then you level it off!!!

According to Daddy, this is proof that we are REAL chefs:

According to Mommy, this is the REAL proof:

The book from the library that inspired our fun today:

From Mommy:

Making the dough, cutting out the templates, and baking the pieces of our gingerbread houses was the highlight of the day. Decorating the houses will happen later. This is definitely a multi-day project.

The Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA), the online charter school we are a part of, is hosting a Winter Wonderland of Gingerbread party on Friday morning at our local ice skating rink. The girls will be entering their gingerbread houses in a competition at the party. You'll have to stay tune to see what they each designed. I thought they were creative (and true to their personalities).

Building Gingerbread houses was the highlight, but not all of our day today. Some "regular" school work got done today, too. : )

So far, my favorite part of the K12 Curriculum is the Art Curriculum. It isn't "arts and crafts" type of art, but true art appreciation and learning how to create art. We've looked at paintings, architecture, sculpture, portraits, and photography. We've talked about how artists use line to create realistic and abstract art. And the girls have created drawings that represent place, made self-portraits, and worked with different types of line.

It has been neat to see how much we can relate back to our recent trip to the Art Museum. This is probably my favorite class right now because so much of is new and interesting to me.

It was a great day! (And Ben helped out by taking really long naps) : )

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  1. I agree with mommy. A real chef knows how to clean up after himself. (Would someone tell that to Grandpa!) Just kidding Grampa. You do a good job of cleaning up after yourself most of the time. tee hee.